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08/28/2016Imperialism of Christianity MP3
08/21/2016The Faith of Our Fathers MP3
08/14/2016The Perfect Vision MP3
08/07/2016Kingdom Concepts MP3
07/31/2016The First Christian Nation MP3
07/24/2016Life and Death of Gordon Kahl MP3
07/17/2016A People of Purpose & Government of Spirit MP3
07/10/2016Racial Streams and their Biblical Destiny MP3
07/03/2016Kingdom Concepts MP3
06/26/2016Is it Merely Enough to be an Israelite? MP3
06/19/2016Eye on Newt MP3
06/12/2016Indestructible Kingdom & Pledge and Flag MP3
06/05/2016Kingdom Concepts MP3
05/29/2016Babylon's Money MP3
05/22/2016One Man's Family MP3
05/15/2016Where is Your Money? MP3
05/08/2016The Witness of the Spirit MP3
05/01/2016Kingdom Concepts MP3
04/24/2016How Bacchus Became a Saint MP3
04/17/2016Tares Among the Wheat MP3
04/10/2016My Counsel Shall Stand MP3
04/03/2016Kingdom Concepts MP3
03/27/2016The Glory of the Resurrection MP3
03/20/2016Romans 13 MP3
03/13/2016Synchronized Watches MP3
03/06/2016Kingdom Concepts MP3
02/28/2016Kelts and Teuton MP3
02/21/2016Racemixing MP3
02/14/2016To Live in Perfect Peace MP3
02/07/2016Kingdom Concepts MP3
01/31/2016Whose Brother? MP3
01/24/2016Discipleship, Price vs. Rewards MP3
01/17/2016Sagas of the South MP3
01/10/2016The Venom of the Asp vs. The Water of Life MP3
01/03/2016Kingdom Concepts MP3
12/27/2015Prophets - Old and New & Let's Review the Diagnosis MP3
12/20/2015HELL, What Is It? MP3
12/13/2015The End of the Age MP3
12/06/2015Kingdom Concepts MP3
11/29/2015Hosea MP3
11/22/2015Adam Was NOT The First Human Being MP3
11/15/2015Genesis MP3
11/08/2015Why Evil Must Fail MP3
11/01/2015Kingdom Concepts MP3
10/25/2015The Whole Armor of God & Healing MP3
10/18/2015Fasting MP3
10/11/2015Is Divine Healing in the Atonement? MP3
10/04/2015Kingdom Concepts MP3
09/27/2015Isaiah Up-To-Date MP3
09/20/2015Come In From The Rain MP3
09/13/2015God or Man MP3
09/06/2015Kingdom Concepts MP3
08/30/2015Some Thoughts on the Holy Spirit MP3
08/23/2015The Adoption of Sons MP3
08/16/2015The Three Heavens MP3
08/09/2015Omniscience of God & Secret Key to Victory MP3
08/02/2015Kingdom Concepts MP3
07/26/2015The Mark of the Beast MP3
07/19/2015Revival in Israel MP3
07/12/2015The Stranger in Thy Midst MP3
07/05/2015Kingdom Concepts MP3
06/28/2015The Book of Daniel MP3
06/21/2015Interracial Marriages MP3
06/14/2015Children of the Heavenly Father MP3
06/07/2015Kingdom Concepts MP3
05/31/2015The Day of the Assyrian MP3
05/24/2015The Bible and Archaeology MP3
05/17/2015Spiritual Warfare & Manifestation of the Saints MP3
05/10/2015Understanding of All Truth MP3
05/03/2015Kingdom Concepts MP3
04/26/2015Elijah MP3
04/19/2015The New Identity Movement MP3
04/12/2015Destruction of the Serpent MP3
04/05/2015Kingdom Concepts MP3
03/29/2015The Cain Satanic Seedline MP3
03/22/2015Lesson on Satan MP3
03/15/2015Parable of the Tares and the Wheat MP3
03/08/2015The Gathering of the Tares MP3
03/01/2015Kingdom Concepts MP3
02/22/2015Noah's Flood, Bible is Scientific, Partnership with God MP3
02/15/2015Equilibrium MP3
02/08/2015Revealing the Holy of Holies MP3
02/01/2015Kingdom Concepts MP3
01/25/2015Who Is your God? Who is your Savior? MP3
01/18/2015Why do we have an Adversary? MP3
01/11/2015Satanís Representatives In The U.S.A. MP3
01/04/2015Kingdom Concepts MP3
12/28/2014Christianity in the Old Testament MP3
12/21/2014Oren Potito's Christmas Message MP3
12/14/2014Remembering Our Children MP3
12/07/2014Kingdom Concepts MP3
11/30/2014Fight for Liberty MP3
11/23/2014Thanksgiving & As Birds Flying MP3
11/16/2014Creation & Noah's Flood MP3
11/09/2014To be Free Again MP3
11/02/2014Kingdom Concepts MP3
10/26/2014Israel's Migrations & Missing Years in Christ's Life MP3
10/19/2014The Apostolic Faith MP3
10/12/2014America: Ancient-Modern-Future MP3
10/05/2014Kingdom Concepts MP3
09/28/2014What Happened to Cain? MP3
09/21/2014Who are Citizens of the United States? MP3
09/14/2014Transforming Power MP3
09/07/2014Kingdom Concepts MP3
08/31/2014Man and Beast, God Commands Racial Segregation MP3
08/24/2014A People of Purpose & Government of Spirit MP3
08/17/2014Tares Among the Wheat MP3
08/10/2014How to Bind Evil MP3
08/03/2014Kingdom Concepts MP3
07/27/2014Ruth; Moses; Sons; Healing MP3
07/20/2014Homosexual Power MP3
07/13/2014Transference of Power MP3
07/06/2014Kingdom Concepts MP3
06/29/2014The Vine of the Earth MP3
06/22/2014The Law of Sodomy MP3
06/15/2014Ike's Kikes MP3
06/08/2014The Church's Challenge to do Greater Things MP3
06/01/2014Kingdom Concepts MP3
05/25/2014To Whom Should We Pray? MP3
05/18/2014Understanding Righteousness MP3
05/11/2014The Mysteries of the Corridor of Life MP3
05/04/2014Kingdom Concepts MP3
04/27/2014Jeremiah MP3
04/20/2014Ashtaroth Sunday, Promiscuity & Motherhood MP3
04/13/2014Palm Sunday & The Power of His Resurrection MP3
04/06/2014Kingdom Concepts MP3
03/30/2014Strangers in the Palace MP3
03/23/2014Biblical Ancient Aliens MP3
03/16/2014The Raging Tongue MP3
03/09/2014The Fruit of the Spirit MP3
03/02/2014Kingdom Concepts MP3
02/23/2014Cleansing the Sanctuary MP3
02/16/2014What Is The Gospel? MP3
02/09/2014To Be Remembered Against You No More MP3
02/02/2014Kingdom Concepts MP3
01/26/2014Who are "The Church"? MP3
01/19/2014Licensing MP3
01/12/2014Knowledge of All Truth & Redeeming the Time MP3
01/05/2014Kingdom Concepts MP3
12/29/2013Missing Years of Christ's Life MP3
12/22/2013The True Story of Adolph Hitler & the Third Reich MP3
12/15/2013Paul an Apostle MP3
12/08/2013Christmas MP3
12/01/2013Kingdom Concepts MP3
11/24/2013Israel's Fingerprints MP3
11/17/2013We are Born Dead MP3
11/10/2013From Whence Cometh Armageddon MP3
11/03/2013Kingdom Concepts MP3
10/27/2013Who Are the Jews? Who Are the Gentiles? MP3
10/20/2013HE is Worthy of Praise MP3
10/13/2013Revival of the Elijah Ministry MP3
09/29/2013Let's Examine the Evidence MP3
09/22/2013Battlefield Earth MP3
09/15/2013First Born and First Fruits MP3
09/08/2013Abomination of the Desolator MP3
09/01/2013Kingdom Concepts MP3
08/25/2013God's Economics MP3
08/18/2013What Is Man? MP3
08/11/2013Bringing Sons Unto Glory MP3
08/04/2013Kingdom Concepts MP3
07/28/2013Great Babylon MP3
07/21/2013HELL, What Is It? MP3
07/14/2013Jerusalem - Old and New MP3
07/07/2013Kingdom Concepts MP3
06/30/2013The Book of Esther MP3
06/23/2013Life or Lives MP3
06/16/2013Heaven Humbug MP3
06/09/2013Creed for the Last Days MP3
06/02/2013Kingdom Concepts MP3
05/26/2013God's Vengeance Upon Edom MP3
05/19/2013Who Are You? MP3
05/12/2013The False Messiah MP3
04/28/2013The Apostle John MP3
04/21/2013The Being of Adam's Soul MP3
04/14/2013Judgment Day MP3
04/07/2013Kingdom Concepts MP3
03/31/2013The Jewish and Roman Trials of Christ MP3
03/24/2013The Responsibility of a Christian MP3
03/17/2013The Talmud & Britonage MP3
03/10/2013The End of the Great Apostasy MP3
03/03/2013Kingdom Concepts MP3
02/24/2013Breaking the Seven Seals MP3
02/17/2013What is the Cost? MP3
02/10/2013Revelation of God's Spirit MP3
02/03/2013Kingdom Concepts MP3
01/27/2013The Sacred Secret MP3
01/20/2013Bible Refresher MP3
01/13/2013The Scope of God's Grace MP3
01/06/2013Kingdom Concepts MP3
12/30/2012Divine Protection in Our Day MP3
12/23/2012Christmas & Our Prince of Peace MP3
12/16/2012Seed of the Serpent MP3
12/09/2012Separation from the World Order MP3
11/25/2012Whose Brother? MP3
11/18/2012Thanksgiving & As Birds Flying MP3
11/11/2012Your Personal Destiny MP3
10/28/2012Unfaithful Shepherds MP3
10/21/2012Discipleship, Price vs. Rewards MP3
10/14/2012By Creation and Design MP3
10/07/2012Kingdom Concepts MP3
09/30/2012The Adamic Race in History MP3
09/23/2012True History of a Great Patriot MP3
09/16/2012Repentance MP3
09/09/2012History of the Sons of Light MP3
09/02/2012Kingdom Concepts MP3
08/26/2012Is it Enough Merely to be an Israelite? MP3
08/19/2012Inequality and Racial War MP3
08/12/2012Measures of Prophecy MP3
08/05/2012Kingdom Concepts MP3
07/29/2012The Continuing Priesthood MP3
07/22/2012The Coming Mongolian Invasion MP3
07/15/2012What Are You Doing? MP3
07/08/2012The Mechanics of the Kingdom MP3
07/01/2012Kingdom Concepts MP3
06/24/2012The Church Betrayed MP3
06/17/2012Discrimination, Segregation, and Racism MP3
06/10/2012The Indestructible Kingdom & The Pledge and the Flag MP3
06/03/2012Kingdom Concepts MP3
05/27/2012The Cain Satanic Seedline MP3
05/20/2012Anointing of the Holy Spirit MP3
05/13/2012The Fruit of the Tree of Life MP3
05/06/2012Kingdom Concepts MP3
04/29/2012Cleansing the Sanctuary MP3
04/22/2012Desert Sands MP3
04/15/2012Race is the Issue MP3
04/08/2012The Symbol of the Cup MP3
04/01/2012Kingdom Concepts MP3
03/25/2012Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus MP3
03/18/2012Crystallized Light MP3
03/11/2012On Earth as in Heaven MP3
03/04/2012Kingdom Concepts MP3
02/26/2012Bible Origins MP3
02/19/2012Romans 13 MP3
02/12/2012Behold the Bridegroom Cometh MP3
02/05/2012Kingdom Concepts MP3
01/29/2012Paul and the Law MP3
01/22/2012The Gentiles MP3
01/15/2012Eye on Newt MP3
01/08/2012The Wave of the Future MP3
01/01/2012Kingdom Concepts MP3

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